8 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

I know that to some parents (dads…ahem) Mother’s day is something that is easiest when a nice dinner and flowers can cover any sentiment. Every blue moon, a mom that’s pregnant and demands something sentimental because her baby is growing up and she has another on the way and oh my god I’m getting so old….I mean, let me start again. Every blue moon it’s required that you make something sweet and sentimental with the kiddos while demanding that your wife take a load off and go out to lunch with friends or get her nails done.

This is where these ideas will be helpful. They’re easy to make, you can make them last minute and they require minimal effort when it comes to purchasing supplies.

This year Jack and I decided to make some gifts for his aunts. He loves all of them and can talk about them in length. The way I see it, these women play huge roles in his life and deserve to be reminded how much they mean to him as well as to the rest of our little family.

DIY Easy and Quick Gifts

Love Blooms Hand Towels

This craft will take a little time and definitely some patience if you want to make it with the under 3 crowd but it’s pretty easy and can be ready over night.

What you’ll need:

  • Plain white cotton hand towels – I purchased these at Michael’s for $6.
  • Permanent paint – Michael’s $2 -$4 each bottle depending on color, quality, and brand.
  • A permanent fabric marker – $4 at Michael’s
  • A variety of paint brushes – pack of brushes will run you about $6 at Target or Michael’s
  • Wet Wipes
  • Paper plates

I like this craft because I am so lazy these days (33 weeks pregnant) that I was determined not to iron the hand towels or wash them and despite this rash decision they came out looking pretty great! I plan on ironing them before gifting them but no promises. Hah. 

The How To:

  • If you’re going to be working on this with little hands, keep it simple and stick to one design and one color.
  • For tulips or roses make sure your little one does not splay his/ her fingers apart.
  • You can do this one of two ways depending on the age of the child. If you’re working with tiny hands pour about a 1/4 of paint onto a paper plate and just have them dip their hand in that before pressing it into the hand towel. If they are pre-school aged or older and want to make flowers with different colors, designs, etc then paint their hand with a thick paint brush each time.
  • For typical flowers or sunflowers have your child splay their fingers completely apart. 
  • Once you’re done getting your flowers down onto your towel, clean the kids up and let them run free! The rest will have to be done when they’re in bed or while they watch an episode of Peppa Pig.
  • ADULTS ONLY or great for 7 and up – Using the fabric pen write out whatever you want the towel to say – we chose ‘Love Blooms.’ Do this first so that you can paint the stems BEHIND the words.
  • Paint stems, leaves, and anything else you’d like to add to make your flowers look like flowers. A fun tip for the sunflower, use an eye shadow sponge brush to create what should resemble the seeds of a sunflower. Not into painting? If you draw roses or tulips make green U’s underneath each little hand print. Easy. No guess work. You’re done. Let it dry and then fold them up with a pretty coffee cup or some flowers and you’re all set!

Mother’s Day Flower Pot 

This DIY craft seems easy enough and if all else fails, you can just let the kids decorate the pot however they want to! They can even do the “love blooms” idea on the outside of the flower pot. If you want something with a little more decor try this by Avas and Alphabet.

DIY Coconut Coffee Scrub

Want to look fancy but with minimal effort? This body scrub by The Lucky Pear consists of three ingredients which the kids can mix together and a jar. That’s it. Any dad or mom coming up with last minute Aunt or Grandma gifts will find this scrub easy and quick to make! 


Need something even easier?


Printables are a great way to make something aesthetically pleasing in the least amount of time possible. This adorable treat jar from MomEnvy.co is perfect for a last minute gift for Grandma or Aunts.

This Mother’s Day Card from Lady and Laura Kate is beautiful. It will be a great way to add a last minute sentimental card to your DIY hand towel. 

Happy Go Lucky Blog has these great easy printables that you can add to lotion! So easy!

Great For Grandmas (or if you have a little more time)

This Scrabble Craft from MamaGuru is adorable and looks easy enough but may need more than a week to make since you have to order tiles from Hasbro if you don’t happen to have an extra scrabble game lying around or access to extra tiles.

String art can be a challenge but Young Love Mommy makes sure to include a template and makes it pretty easy. 



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