Five Commandments for Balancing the Busy

Guest Writer: Tabitha Lord

I’m busy. I mean really busy. There are more things on my plate now than when my four kids were little and I was working full-time as an admissions officer and Latin teacher. The kids are mostly grown, I’m a writer now, and yet somehow I still feel busier than ever.

From a business perspective, the busy pays off. Horizon, the first novel I published, won the 2016 Writer’s Digest Grand Prize for Self Published Fiction. I’ve just released Infinity, the sequel to Horizon this past summer. I’m attending conferences, doing readings and signings Continue reading

Weekend Activities for ATX Families

For Jack’s first year of life, week days were spent endlessly rotating from story time to story time. Our days were scheduled around toddler art workshops, baby music classes, and even art museum trips that were more for me than him.

When Jack turned two our needs changed. He started daycare and I returned to work. I found myself suddenly looking for weekend activities that resembled our weekly schedule. I had heard in multiple mommy groups that weekend activities ran dry for parents working during the week but I was determined to find something. Within weeks I had a rotating … Continue reading

Lunch Box Live! Cloth Diapering

This is a pretty awful video but I was working off of very little sleep!

Cloth Diapering Basics:

  • It’s easier than it looks
  • You don’t need fancy soap or special rules for washing
  • You can start with as little as 7 but it’s best to have 30 covers and twice as many inserts
  • There is no “right way” to cloth diaper
  • You don’t have to cloth diaper a
Continue reading

Sunday Staples

So this is new to Jack’s Mom in Austin but I’ve been liking so many things lately that I feel I need to share more about them than a simple Instagram share. I will always include something local, someone local, or some local food because that’s what I’m about. But mostly it will be stuff that Jack, The Dad, and I enjoy and think you should enjoy too!

The List

  • Dang Kitchen

Dang Kitchen has become a recent obsession for me. Hidden the the Crossroads shopping center off Burnet, it’s easy to miss but finding it is worth it. The … Continue reading


Taste It.

Come and taste for yourself! The tenth annual Taste of North Austin, an all-day food festival featuring delicious light bites and refreshing beverages from over 25 of the best restaurants in The Domain and North Austin, will take place Saturday, June 10 from 11a.m. – 4 p.m. Austinites will also enjoy free live music, prize giveaways and children’s entertainment. Guests opting for the VIP experience will receive a goody bag, complimentary drinks and access to the VIP lounge.

Who’s Gonna Be There?

  • Black Walnut Cafe
  • Copper Restaurant and Dessert Lounge
  • Corner Bakery Cafe
  • Cru Food and
Continue reading

Hosting an Outdoor Co-ed Baby Shower in Texas

Texas is hot. We all know Texas is hot about 80% of the year. Austin, particularly is one of those cities that if it’s not incredibly hot, it’s humid. When hosting an outdoor event in Texas, there are several things to consider. The most important one being location.

pink blush maternity
Love the dress? I got it at Pink Blush. Click on the image to purchase!


Our family loves spending time outdoors, despite the heat. The one hang up this time was that I was going to be 36 weeks pregnant and doing anything outdoors when you are in your third trimester … Continue reading

When the Village Surfaces

This week has been a challenge for us. I’m getting busier and busier and the bump is making me slower and slower. I feel a small distance from Jack and I’m hoping that after next week, as we prep for baby, we can rekindle our close relationship and prepare for numero dos as a family.

Jack is an amazing kid. Everyone thinks that about their child but I can safely say that he’s never had a temper tantrum and he’s 3 and a half. On Thursday, that changed and by Friday, we knew why. As I said, the week has … Continue reading

Tummy Shield: Your Baby’s First Car Seat

Live Review and How To:

A few weeks ago our neighbor was in a pretty rough accident and it made me wonder about the logistics of getting in an accident while pretty pregnant. How safe would the baby be? What would the consequences be of something as simple as a seatbelt not aligned the right way?

“Motor vehicle crashes account for four of five deaths that occur among unborn babies of pregnant women who experience trauma.” — Journal of the American Medical Association

That’s where Tummy Shield comes in. In exchange for a fair and honest review I was asked … Continue reading

MommyCon Austin

Thinking of going to MommyCon this year? Hurry and get your tickets for one of the most extensive and awesome parenting events of the year.

For schedule and ticket information go here.

MommyCon is a nationwide convention series dedicated to creating and nurturing a community of parents and parents-to-be in celebration of natural parenting.

MommyCon takes a gentle and positive approach to educating parents about the emotional and physical benefits of natural birthing, breastfeeding and babywearing. We advocate values of holistic health, eco-friendly diapering, child safety standards and procedures, and female self-care and wellness. Our mission is to create

Continue reading

Welcome Home: Introducing a New Baby

I’m not going to repeat what dozens of articles say on dealing with a new baby because there are tons of resources out there to the point of being overwhelming. I also haven’t experienced it for myself so I can’t expect you all to listen to advice on a subject in which I have no practice. Suffice it to say, I did do the leg work for you and talked to some of my favorite and knowledgeable mamas, educators, and physicians to bring you this list of resources and tips. I hope they help!

One of my favorite authors, doctors, … Continue reading

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