Hosting an Outdoor Co-ed Baby Shower in Texas

Texas is hot. We all know Texas is hot about 80% of the year. Austin, particularly is one of those cities that if it’s not incredibly hot, it’s humid. When hosting an outdoor event in Texas, there are several things to consider. The most important one being location.

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Our family loves spending time outdoors, despite the heat. The one hang up this time was that I was going to be 36 weeks pregnant and doing anything outdoors when you are in your third trimester requires a lot more heat and energy than any other time. I knew we had to pick a place with plenty of shade, plenty of beverages, and that fit the aesthetic of a baby shower. Our other problem was the number of guests. I don’t believe in typical baby showers. In fact, I hate them and find them sexist. I think that both parents should be supported and celebrated for bringing a child into the world and typical baby showers exhaust the idea that pregnancy and preparing for birth and a baby is a woman’s responsibility. By including The Dad we were letting everyone know that we were doing this together and wanted everyone to share in the celebration. That brings us to a guest list of over 50 people. Let’s go down the checklist:

  • outdoors to leave enough room for 50+ guests
  • shaded
  • plenty of beverages

As soon as I had an idea of what basics we needed covered I thought of in.gredients.  Let me try and sum up in.gredients. In.gredients is a local sustainable and organic grocer with a cafe and beer garden. Did your heart skip a beat? Let me add that it also has a gorgeous outdoor garden and playground. Let me sweeten the deal for you. As I write, they are tearing down the old beat up playground to install an amazing playscape that they fund raised for earlier this year. Our entire family, friends, and their children could easily be accommodated and help us celebrate.


Next, let’s talk about affordability. For $150, you can reserve the lovely, shaded, and covered area and the best part is that it goes towards food for your event as well! The reason I loved this was because I knew that we would be spending at least $250 – $300 on feeding 50+ guests which in the grand scope of a baby shower, is pretty good. We would be eating local, fresh food made by local vendors!

Baby Shower Decor

These days, baby showers can really be as decorated as you want them to be and themes are unlimited. When I was growing up it was pink or blue and fodder descriptive of babies; pacifiers, baby bottles, and diapers. From favorite children’s book themes to food themed showers, the choices are endless and can be overwhelming.

Picking a Theme

I knew I wanted something different from what I could find at the store but I wanted it to resonate with me and to be something I loved. For Jack, it was dinosaur themed, something I’ve loved my entire life and might have a mild obsession with. I suggest picking something that you love and will make you truly happy, the little person in your tummy will be none the wiser. We ended up going with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star because I have an affinity for all things moon and star related and my favorite color is any variation of blue. I felt there was a lot I could do with that and keep it affordable. After a quick Pinterest search the ideas started rolling in.

The Decor

I had a limited budget for decorations but Amazon made it really easy. I made a quick list of the things I wanted and then committed to a handful of must haves. Most decorations of any event are thrown away and I wanted to create the least amount of trash possible but maintain a magical celestial theme. Here’s what I narrowed it down to:

  • Table Cloths
  • Table Signs
  • Photo Booth and Props
  • Donut Holder
  • Gold and Silver Stars for hanging
  • Balloons
  • Favors


Like most blogging mommas, I have a mild obsession with pinterest. I know a lot of folks make fun of Pinterest but honestly I use it for pretty much everything. Recipes, parenting advice, crafting, and baby showers! Go and check out my JMIA Baby Shower on Pinterest for all the pins I used to help decorate our shower!

Photo Booth

Making and buying the stuff for the photo booth was actually pretty easy and affordable. We bought all parts to build it for under $15 and the best part is that after we were done with it we made it into a tiny hanging rack for Jack’s costumes!

We spent $15 to purchase all materials at Home Depot. It took The Dad about 20 minutes to cut the pieces down to size and then about a half hour to build it up and decorate it. 

Note: It was really windy when we built it up but there are other options on pinterest that offer a back support or weights. It still worked out for us but heads up.

Table Signs, Donut Holder, Favors

The table signs were pretty easy to make. I love spray paint. I use it sparingly but when I need something to be themed with a certain color, spray paint is the quickest and easiest way to get everything to match. Enter our Table Signs and Donut holder – both of which came from ideas on Pinterest. Our Favors were super simple because of our large guest list. I wanted everyone to be able to just grab a lollipop and go and I saw that making a topiary lollipop stand looked easy and inexpensive. I spent $6 on the dowels and wood plank for the donut stand at Joanne’s, $2 x 6 signs from Michael’s, and $31 on the lollipop topiary but had I gone with individual favors it would have cost me upwards of $50. 

The Cake

The cake was one of my favorite parts and deserves it’s own spot. It was made by Robin’s Custom Party Cakes a friend and local baker. I know, I know. A bunch of you are probably wondering what happened to Magnolia Lee my go to for everything. She had a baby!! So she was a little busy with a 3 week old at the time. After searching and searching for another local mama baker I found Robin, invited her to my shower, and had her make me a beautiful ombre and star themed cake. Because I was worried about the weather I opted for a small cake and donuts but either way, it was a marriage made in pastry heaven. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

By the end of the day, the shower had slowed down to a sleepy buzz as the weather remained cool and comfortable. The draft beer was flowing as parents lazily watched their littles enjoy the donuts and playground. Juice boxes kept all the tiny humans cool while our guests enjoyed a menu of local fair including samosas, empanadas, hummus, and veggies. A perfect baby shower for a warm Texas day.



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