Cold Brew and Netflix!

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How many of you remember the first few weeks, even months, after birth that you sat in front of episode after episode of Friends, or Gilmore Girls, or Doctor Who and fought the heaviness of your lids while your tiny tyrant suckled lovingly for what seemed like hours on end. Yeah, it’s almost too vivid for me.

I didn’t suffer with heartburn at all while pregnant but I knew a lot of moms who did and even though I knew that caffeine could make it to my newborn I was lacking in the sleep department after month one and needed … Continue reading

Garden and Sausage Spirals


I love to bake and cook. Lately it’s been more challenging as I find myself wanting to introduce healthy ingredients into our family’s diet. From everything I’ve read, toddlers have three main food groups; candy, carbs, and fruit. You’re lucky if fruit is one of the three. There are toddlers that switch out the fruit for the entire dairy aisle.

Obviously feeding a little one with an under developed palette is akin to feeding them poop some days. That being said, I’ve found some ways of working around this delicate  introduction to gastronomy by starting young and not pushing … Continue reading

Toddler Valentine Playdate


Yesterday was quite an exciting day in the life of Jack. I hosted the second (that’s right, second) annual Toddler Valentine Bash! Last year the kiddos were barely a year so it was pretty much a play date with fruit. This year, they’re all two or about to be two and it was a lot more involved.

Let’s chat about having a toddler. I loved the baby version of Jack. He was tiny and smiley and didn’t know the words, ‘no’ or ‘I do it.’ Having toddler Jack though is another world of amazing possibilities. Yes we have our … Continue reading

Hooked On You Valentine!

He’s counting out the fish you all.

This morning I needed Jack to chill for a bit because he seemed wired and like he was going to cause mostly mischief. What toddler on earth would have that look?!

Believe it or not I had some random goldfish stickers lying around from god knows when and I thought, ‘Well shoot…we need to get Valentine’s out to the fam and who doesn’t love a thumbprint keepsake!!??’ So out came the cardstock, paint pens, stickers, and tiny tiny googly eyes because yes, I had all this on hand. I realize I may have … Continue reading

Toddler Friendly Pizza Roll-Ups


I have found that if Jack helps with as many meals as possible he is more inclined to eat what he helps make. These roll-ups can be made with any protein but pizza is one of his favorite foods so I figured we’d start with that.



Bread – I used Ozery flatbreads. I found them at wholefoods and they immediately called out ‘Pizza’ to me. 🙂 You can use regular sandwich bread as it has the same effect. 

Protein – I used pepperoni but ham or turkey and even almond butter work well.

Binder – I used Continue reading

Terra Toys Austin, A Magical Place

check out their website!

Terra Toys is an eclectic toy store nestled in a shopping center in North Austin on Anderson Lane. It has been around for quite some time and has slowly expanded to include a really cool coffee shop and more store space. It’s part of the Go Local Austin group that offers discounts and other offers for shopping locally which I love! One of the best parts of making the half hour drive to Terra Toys from South Austin is that no matter how little you spend (we’ve spent a quarter on a tiny truck before) Jack … Continue reading

Toddler Stamp Time!


I have quite a few posts coming up this week so stay tuned. Until then I’d like to satiate everyone’s interest because I know my one post was so amazing that you all have been looking forward to a new one.

This week I have planned a fun toddler Valentine party which I hope will provide a few blog posts worth of material.

While out shopping for the tiny tot party I found myself at Michael’s – The craft porn store for Pinterest users and stay at home mom’s everywhere. Michael’s is a happy place and once I’m done buying … Continue reading

Water Color Wrapping Paper

Jack finger painting away. I taped the water colors down which helped limit mess a lot.

This is my first official post! It’s pretty basic and I’m sure this particular craft has been done countless times with thousands of tots. Just in case there are mothers out there out of ideas and that need a last minute gift wrapping solution I’ll go ahead and post a how to. 🙂

Tomorrow we will go to our 6th birthday party this year. It’s February and my 2 year old walks around singing Happy Birthday and blowing out “candles” (veggie sticks) on “birthday … Continue reading

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