Paper Bag Puppets


There are some days when all I want to do is sit and think and maybe watch endless episodes of SVU or Supernatural but those days are long gone. It’s rare that I have a moment to myself these days but I have found a way to compromise that not only gives me a little bit of peace but involves Jack in a way that involves learning and play.… Continue reading

Left Over Chicken Enchiladas

Like I’ve said before – we like to find multiple uses for an entire chicken so that it goes farther. One medium chicken will typically make 3 (sometimes four) meals for our little family of 3. This next recipe is a family favorite, super easy to make, a littler healthier than typical enchiladas and you can alter it to fit your dietary needs.… Continue reading

Cheater Cheater Lactation Cookies

Breastfeeding!! Now that’s a hot button topic right? It’s another one of those parenting things that you’re damned if you do (gross, breast feeding in public? hide those dirty pillows you slut!) and you’re damned if you don’t.¬†(Oh my god, you formula feed? Might as well give your baby poison you selfish wench.Continue reading

Garden and Sausage Spirals


I love to bake and cook. Lately it’s been more challenging as I find myself wanting to introduce healthy ingredients into our family’s diet. From everything I’ve read, toddlers have three main food groups; candy, carbs, and fruit. You’re lucky if fruit is one of the three. There are toddlers that switch out the fruit for the entire dairy aisle.… Continue reading

Hooked On You Valentine!

He’s counting out the fish you all.

This morning I needed Jack to chill for a bit because he seemed wired and like he was going to cause mostly mischief. What toddler on earth would have that look?!

Believe it or not I had some random goldfish stickers lying around from god knows when and I thought, ‘Well shoot…we need to get Valentine’s out to the fam and who doesn’t love a thumbprint keepsake!!??’ So out came the cardstock, paint pens, stickers, and tiny tiny googly eyes because yes, I had all this on hand.… Continue reading

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