Touch – A – Truck: Benefiting Austin Children’s Center

Did you know that Austin Children’s Center needs to raise more than 48% of it’s operating budget from the community each year?!   Events like Touch-A-Truck are a great way for ACS to raise that money. Last year, with the help of the community they were able to raise over $115,000 for the children of ACS!! How amazing is that! 

That brings us to this year. SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone) will be hosting Touch-A-Truck at Camp Maybry Saturday, May 13th from 10am – 3pm. (9am for VIP) The event will most likely be popular among the toddler and preschool crowd … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Sleep With Lori Strong From Strong Little Sleepers

This past Friday I had my friend Lori Strong as a guest on my Live Facebook “show” called The Lunch Box. Shortly after we recorded ourselves, the video disappeared and Facebook was unable to recover it. We were really sad because we talked for about 45 minutes on baby and toddler sleep and I know it was so important to many of you. I’ll try my best to recover what we chatted about and include a ton of resources and information.

First let’s go over the questions.


My six month old goes to bed at 7 pm and used Continue reading

When You’re Pregnant, Plus Size, and Need Clothes : ShopPinkBlush

My first test shot of selfies wasn’t actually a success. I had a little monster eating a muffin invading from one side and our giant squash plant from our garden invading the other side. #momblogger

Every once in awhile the fashion gods bless me with an outfit that is somehow magically perfect. Once in a lifetime, they do me the honor of including an entire shop with clothes just for me.

I’m a large woman. There is no denying it and I’m proud of my shape and what my body has done and will continue to do for me. I’m … Continue reading

Potty Training: A True Story

*Previously published and edited to include a year of experience.

Happy Early Mother’s Day.

The idea of teaching a human to use the toilet has always made me shudder the same way most of us do when we remember something stupid or embarrassing we did. I don’t know what it is about this very natural and normal bodily function that leaves me flushed and stuttering. I’m sure we could Sigmund Freud it but for now we’ll add it to the list of weird and unfortunate shit I’m passing down to my kid.

I’m not gonna lie, parenting itself has been … Continue reading

The Lunch Box Live! With Rev Doula

Know your choices with Rev Doula!

Birth Classes: Invest in a good one!

I personally went with Bridget Brown 3 years ago and she was amazing. I highly recommend her for Bradley Method.

If you prefer Hypnobirthing there are several areas in town that offer it.

Don’t ignore the birth classes, they are so informative and helpful.

Breastfeeding Support: Find some!

I know this is such a challenge when you are barely getting any sleep and you’re drowning in spit up and dirty diapers but finding support can be life changing. Stephanie offers a wealth of information as a prenatal … Continue reading

The Lunch Box Live: How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

This was an exciting book to read and review. I’m right in the thick of it with Jack so reading it was extremely helpful as I felt like I was reading it in “real time.” As I ran across hiccups with Jack I was able to find a narrative and information in the book!

I highly recommend purchasing this book. Since this recording I’ve been able to incorporate her methods of getting your 3 year old to try new foods and they worked brilliantly! I was so shocked at how awesome that experience has come along.

Buy the book! (Click

Continue reading

Little Austin Explorer: Elephant and Piggie’s We Are in a Play!

This past weekend was a particularly special one in our family. We haven’t ventured into our “Little Austin Explorer” series in awhile so we thought taking Jack to see his first musical would be a great way to do this!

One of our favorite authors is Mo Willems. We’ve gone through the Knuffle Bunny series, we’re currently working on Elephant and Piggie, and I can’t wait to move on to Pigeon. If you haven’t read any of these add them to your list today because these are enjoyable for both kids and adults. I’ve been known to crack up…outloud…while reading one … Continue reading

South Austin Egg Hunts

The Austin Zoo 
April 15 at 8:30 a.m. |   Austin Zoo, 10808 Rawhide Trail, Austin  |   FREE for members; $5 per child + zoo admission for all guests attending
Please bring your own baskets. Advance reservations are required here. Reserve Here.

Bethany Lutheran Church
April 15 from 10:00 a.m. to noon   |   Bethany Lutheran Church, 3701 W Slaughter Ln, Austin   |   FREE
There will be Easter egg hunts, games, moonwalks, snacks, bounce houses, and train rides.

Sunrise Community Church
April 15 from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.   |   Sunrise Community Church, 4430 Manchaca Rd, Austin  |   FREE
Egg hunts, … Continue reading

Little Easter Bunny Basket

These little baskets are a perfect classroom Easter party addition. They’re easy to make and affordable and you can decide what exactly you’d like to put it them! Your child can even help!

The best part of this craft is that I used paper from the Peace Paper Project, an international community-arts initiative that utilizes traditional paper making as a form of trauma therapy, social engagement, and community activism. This paper was part of a week long paper making project hosted by SAFE and Austin Community College.17759806_10154742659928369_2466703736192023301_n

What will you need?

  1. construction paper (various colors – I used the
Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Registries

When it comes to creating a registry the choices are endless. Where do you start and where do you go? When do you start? What should you add? What should you keep away from?

Let me help you so you don’t make the mistakes that I made!

Where do you start and where do you go? 

If you’re a first time mom it’s pretty fun hitting up great baby specific stores like Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby, mostly because it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll have the items you are looking for but you also get personalized service and … Continue reading

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