Oatmeal Whole Wheat Chocolate Chocolate Muffins

Ever since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes I’ve had to work really hard at portion control and at figuring out what foods my body can process and what it can’t. When I was pregnant the first time I could get away with a burger every now and then but this time around it seems that my body works very much on portion control and what type of sugar it can process.… Continue reading

8 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

I know that to some parents (dads…ahem) Mother’s day is something that is easiest when a nice dinner and flowers can cover any sentiment. Every blue moon, a mom that’s pregnant and demands something sentimental because her baby is growing up and she has another on the way and oh my god I’m getting so old….I mean, let me start again.… Continue reading

Touch – A – Truck: Benefiting Austin Children’s Center

Did you know that Austin Children’s Center needs to raise more than 48% of it’s operating budget from the community each year?! ¬†¬†Events like Touch-A-Truck are a great way for ACS to raise that money. Last year, with the help of the community they were able to raise over $115,000 for the children of ACS!!… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Sleep With Lori Strong From Strong Little Sleepers

This past Friday I had my friend Lori Strong as a guest on my Live Facebook “show” called The Lunch Box. Shortly after we recorded ourselves, the video disappeared and Facebook was unable to recover it. We were really sad because we talked for about 45 minutes on baby and toddler sleep and I know it was so important to many of you.… Continue reading

When You’re Pregnant, Plus Size, and Need Clothes : ShopPinkBlush

My first test shot of selfies wasn’t actually a success. I had a little monster eating a muffin invading from one side and our giant squash plant from our garden invading the other side. #momblogger

Every once in awhile the fashion gods bless me with an outfit that is somehow magically perfect.… Continue reading

Potty Training: A True Story

*Previously published and edited to include a year of experience.

Happy Early Mother’s Day.

The idea of teaching a human to use the toilet has always made me shudder the same way most of us do when we remember something stupid or embarrassing we did. I don’t know what it is about this very natural and normal bodily function that leaves me flushed and stuttering.… Continue reading

The Lunch Box Live! With Rev Doula

Know your choices with Rev Doula!

Birth Classes: Invest in a good one!

I personally went with Bridget Brown 3 years ago and she was amazing. I highly recommend her for Bradley Method.

If you prefer Hypnobirthing there are several areas in town that offer it.

Don’t ignore the birth classes, they are so informative and helpful.… Continue reading

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