Sunday Staples

So this is new to Jack’s Mom in Austin but I’ve been liking so many things lately that I feel I need to share more about them than a simple Instagram share. I will always include something local, someone local, or some local food because that’s what I’m about. But mostly it will be stuff that Jack, The Dad, and I enjoy and think you should enjoy too!

The List

  • Dang Kitchen

Dang Kitchen has become a recent obsession for me. Hidden the the Crossroads shopping center off Burnet, it’s easy to miss but finding it is worth it. The seating and ambiance is pleasant and comfortable and it covers a lot of the thing we really enjoy. They carry Main Root Sodas which we prefer over main brand soda products, as well as Topo Chico, tea, Vietnamese coffee and cold brew. All of our favorites! The menu does have a few fusion twists but mostly sticks to typical and delicious sandwiches, bowls, and salads.

The Boss Taco

My favorites, so far, have been The Boss taco and the Red Curry Bowl. Both made with protein cooked so perfectly it’s a wonder the place is so affordable.

If you’re a mom, you’re going to want to go on Saturdays for a free meal! Bring your kiddos though so you have proof and make sure you mention that you’re a mom. Also, throw in that you went because I sent you!

  • GoodPop

This pregnancy has got me trying and eating foods that are a little more health conscious. I already work at making sure Jack doesn’t eat a ton of sugar, which in our society is a challenge. Many of the snacks geared towards tots are coated with sugar, artificial flavoring, and miscellaneous junk that I can’t pronounce and it drives me nuts.

GoodPop is local and was started by a UT student following his passion for old  school Mexican paletas, low in sugar, and made up of something wholesome, easy, and natural; fruit. I have become an addict. They are my favorite go to pregnancy snack and we buy a box a week. They are perfect for the summer, super low in sugar and without processed junk that I don’t have a problem giving them to Jack!

Better still is the introduction of the GoodPop Freezer Pop! For the last two summers I’ve had to make a similar product for Jack and it’s a pain in the butt. GoodPop came out with their own version of healthy freezer pops. They come in three flavors and can be purchased from Amazon. You can also find them at Wheatsville as part of their Co-Op Deals for 9.99 this week!

  • Cook Me A Rhyme and Cook Me A Story

You know that Jack and I love to cook and bake together so these cook books have been amazing. We’ve really been able to bond more in the kitchen and we’ve explored food items we wouldn’t typically even allow on our plate. So it has definitely made Jack more of an explorer in the kitchen.

Another great thing about cooking with your child that these books encourage is the added bonus of learning basic math skills. We take the time to count out the ingredients and to measure together and it’s pretty amazing watching him try and understand the concept of fractions at only 3 years old.

These books are pretty affordable and you can also find them on Amazon for a really affordable price. They make great gifts for young children but are recommended for kids 5 and up. If you already explore the kitchen with your child then I have no doubt a 3 year old can maneuver through these books just as easily with your help.


Until next time, I’ll be doing these twice a month so as not to go to crazy. Next one will be right after baby so here’s hoping I have a minute to write a “Friday Favorites” or “Sunday Staples” out for you guys.




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