The Lunch Box Live! With Rev Doula

Know your choices with Rev Doula!

Birth Classes: Invest in a good one!

I personally went with Bridget Brown 3 years ago and she was amazing. I highly recommend her for Bradley Method.

If you prefer Hypnobirthing there are several areas in town that offer it.

Don’t ignore the birth classes, they are so informative and helpful.

Breastfeeding Support: Find some!

I know this is such a challenge when you are barely getting any sleep and you’re drowning in spit up and dirty diapers but finding support can be life changing. Stephanie offers a wealth of information as a prenatal and postpartum doula. Here’s a link to her website.

If she doesn’t work for you or you need more help Special Addition is a great place to hire a lactation consultant. They also have other infant and newborn needs covered like renting a scale if you need one in the beginning or sibling classes, a great way to introduce your older kiddos to their new tiny invaders.

Doula: Stephanie Spitzer-Hanks is your woman!

Consider a doula. Consider RevDoula.

Links from Stephanie:



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