The Lunch Box with Naya Weber of Lactivist in Louboutins

Today was the launch of “The Lunch Box” a series that I hope will provide information on different topics for all parents, grandparents, and caregivers.  Today’s episode featured Naya Weber from Lactivist in Louboutins, an up and coming fashion mama and future lactation consultant.


  • How do you nurse a baby without getting bitten and what do you do if he/she bites?   A couple of months into nursing you’ll have nursing ques that let you know when they are nearing the end of nursing. Baby might nod off and start to bite, when baby does that they may not be done eating and you can stimulate baby to continue eating. IF a baby does bite you can take baby off and set them on your lap and say, “You bit me, that hurt.” Say it in a stern voice and after enough repetition baby will pick up on it. Some moms will bring baby closer to the breast when they start to bite forcing their little mouth open and encouraging them to stop biting. If it’s something that continues after trying these things check in with a lactation consultant to address other reasons your baby may be doing this.
  • Is there a difference between a tethered tongue and a tongue tie?  From Naya’s experience and without having the baby in front of her to look at, it sounds like it’s the same thing. Everyone is born with tissue under their tongue and some babies have a thicker one and it can cause mom pain or a clicking sound when baby suckles. It can also cause baby not to suck adequately and therefor causing weight loss or baby not gaining enough weight.  That’s typically a tongue tie but it’s important to go and see someone that can help with this like a lactation consultant. Getting this taken care of earlier is better as there might be other issues like a lip tie that can’t be fixed as easily the older your child gets.
  •  Have you heard the myth about redheads feeling more pain? Pain is so subjective that pain tolerance is hard to tell by hair color or by anything.  At this time we don’t have enough evidence to back this up but pain from nursing shouldn’t last longer than a couple weeks and only during latching. Again, check with a lactation consultant to ameliorate this situation so that the pain does not continue.
  • 15391031_1396764623689681_9171334526974644896_n (1)How did you make your logo or where did you get it?  Picsart is a free app that you can download for iphone and android. This is a photo of Naya and her son and Picsart allows the user to adjust the photo to their liking. Here is a link on a ‘how to’ on Naya’s facebook page.
  • Weaning, what’s up with that and how does it work?  Naya realized that her kids, often times, where actually thirsty or hungry and offering them milk or water or a snack often redirected them while slowly weaning them. Once Naya was down to feeding at bedtime, instead of nursing to sleep she would snuggle to sleep. She’d encourage snuggle by letting her child know she couldn’t nurse at that time. When weaning, keep an eye out for symptoms of depression or a change in mood – this is very common as hormones are triggered and changing during weaning.
  • Is it normal to get severe yeast infections when weaning? Candida yeast happens all the time and sometimes they tend to go high or low and it manifests differently. It’s very possible that weaning as well as something else going on at the same time may contribute to yeast infections. If you take a good probiotic while nursing, this should help prevent it.
  • How do I get my child to stop drinking milk and only milk no matter what we try? If your child will only drink milk try diluting the milk little by little until your child no longer finds it satisfactory and prefers other drink options. For example, if your child is drinking whole milk, reduce to 2%, then 1%, then skim and once you get to skim milk start diluting that with water until your child fully transitions to water.
  • Nursing bras? What the heck? Help me! Naya wrote a fabulous blog post on this and you can find all your answers here.
  • How do I handle an older child wanting to nurse again with a new sibling? If it’s something you are comfortable doing then go for it. There is a book called ‘Adventures in Tandem Nursing’ by La Leche League that has some great information on that. Often times when an older child wants to nurse again it’s a bit of jealousy and scheduling some time with mom for some extra cuddles could help.  (Click on image for more info)

Local places to purchase nursing bras and if you’re looking for a lactation consultant:

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For more new and expecting parent information check out Austin Expecting!



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