British Swim School

Swim classes here in Austin seem to be a hot topic. We live in a city that loves its water sports and making sure your child is safe and knows how to save themselves or survive while waiting for rescue is so so important.

The Dad and I love water adventures and we made a promise to try and do more this year. We want Jack to love and appreciate the power of water. British Swim School was a great place for us to start. When Jack was a baby we tried swim lessons at the YMCA but they didn’t last long and perhaps he was too young but I feel like we didn’t come out of those classes any different. We needed instruction from a school that ensured the teaching that swimming was a life skill and extremely important.

After only two classes with British Swim School Jack was floating on his own! I don’t know if every kid has that same reaction but his instructor, Tiffany, was amazing. One of our biggest fears comes from the knowledge that the number one cause of death in children ages 1-4 is accidental drowning. If he could at least float we’d feel safer in Austin waters.

I was so impressed with the instruction. Jack is pretty shy and it takes him some time to try anything. Perhaps it’s a product of being first born but he feels he has to know how to do something before trying it. Rough logic when it comes to most things in life and when you’re four and limited to what you know thus far. I really appreciated that the instructor eased him into the class in a direct but assertive manner and while quietly soothing him. She also encouraged him to try what she was teaching. If he didn’t respond, froze, or cried, she just kept pressing in a calm and soothing manner. It was perfect.

Aside from the instruction, the ability to reach out to someone about anything that was going on was really easy. The class sizes were extremely small (never had more than 3 kids) and our family felt immediately welcomed and at ease during every class.

Our experience with British Swim School was awesome and we hope to continue until we feel a little safer enjoying all the awesome water sports that Austin has to offer.





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