Helping Your Teen and Tween Find Peace With Courtney Harris Coaching

I had the privilege of talking to Courtney from Courtney Harris Coaching and it was amazing talking to her about all the positive ways parents can help their teenage children through different transitions and situations. Join us while we discuss and feel free to connect with Courtney through her Facebook, linked above or join her Facebook  group HERE.

Check out Courtney’s amazing and extremely helpful blog.

My Take Away

Since following Courtney’s Facebook page and reading up on her blog I’ve really been working to find some way to connect and find space for myself despite having two small children. The bullet journal, albeit quick and messy, has been very effective for me as well as finding little moments to take a deep breath.

I hope that she helps other parents the way that she has helped me and that you all find your own little moments.


If you find this video and blog post informative, please let me know! Have a wonderful week my friends!











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