Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

How did I come across this master list? I’m this person. These scenarios are all happening to me right now and while there is no guarantee these gifts are perfectly perfect, I’m at least saving you time (and hopefully a little money). So sit back, enjoy the list, and order away!


Gifts Ideas Ages 0-2

Toy Lovey Sensory Square – I don’ t know what it is about babies and tags. They go crazy over them the same way a cat does over balls of things. This one is a particular favorite because it’s Harry Potter themed! They have several that have basic designs like farm animals or rescue vehicles but this ones is just adorable…and affordable! It might even become a favorite lovey!

Dancing Alligator: It seems simple and you’re probably questioning this decision but nothing is more entertaining to a one year old than a pull toy and this particular pull toy clicks and clacks (but not enough to annoy) and they can pull it behind them easily as early walkers! This was Jack’s favorite for a long time.


Gift Ideas 2-4

It’s so easy to fall back on gift ideas that beep, ping, and strobe light their way into your little ones life. Don’t be that friend or family member. All of these toys just take away from a child’s ability to grow their imagination. Gift them the gift of creativity and teach them the power of pretend!

Little Magical Hero Dress Up: This is one of Jack’s favorite toys. It’s a cape with Velcro attachments that can lead to an entire day of pretend. It’s easy for little hands to create the cape just right for me and if for whatever reason you have been successfully conditioned by society to fear the combination of little boys and unicorns, well there’s a spaceship version of this…or if you have a bad ass little girl that would prefer a spaceship!

This is a photo of Jack wearing the space ship version.


 Water Wow : If you haven’t heard of Water Wow you are missing out or you have friends that don’t care about you. Just kidding, really. Water Wow is the answer to mess free road trips, restaurant tantrum prevention, and a general cure to boredom when out running errands with mom. These little fabulous pads of joy are super cheap too! All three of these will run you less than $15! They make amazing stocking stuffers too! Get you some!

Gift Ideas 4-6

Children’s Headphones: I’m sure you’re thinking, “Why the heck is she recommending something that goes beep when that’s the one thing she made me swear not to buy?!” Hold up just a sec and let me explain that this isn’t a thing that goes beep…not on it’s own. You need to connect it to the thing that goes beep and let’s not all pretend that by age 4 your child probably knows more about your tablet than you do. Be that great auntie or friend that gifts them their own safe headphones so that mommy doesn’t have to listen to “Mommy Finger” on youtube for the 45th time in an hour. Trust me – this one is a winner. 

Crayola Inspiration Art Kit: Who isn’t inspired by a giant case of crayons, markers, and color pencils!? This one gift is actually great for the next to age groups. 6-8 and 8-10. It inspires imagination in everyone and you might be surprised to find yourself wanting to order a set for those late nights filled with drunken debauchery. No? That’s just me that likes to drunk color? Okay, moving on.

Gift Ideas 6-8

Ready Bed: Around this age, kiddos are starting to show an interest in sleep overs! Whether they are sleepovers at a cousins house or birthday party sleep overs, a Ready Bed is perfect. It’s basically a tiny air mattress and sleeping bag rolled into one. If you’re an aunt or uncle, spice up the gift with an invite to your house for some one on one time and you can cross off two gifts because your brother and sister will probably relish the weekend break. 🙂 You’re welcome. (Also available in a flower pattern.)


Hanging Hammock Seat (Indoor): If you want to be the coolest relative ever get them this little indoor hammock for one. It’s a perfect reading nook without taking up floor space and at around this age kids are really getting into reading on their own. Having their own little spot really supports their push for autonomy at this age as well.  Be warned that this probably won’t hold an adult – so don’t go trying it while they’re at school like I would.  (Also available in pink)

Gift Ideas 8-10

This is where it starts to get tricky because you’re starting to hover in the tween area. I know they aren’t there yet and you’re probably weirded out that I even mentioned it because you’ve known them since birth and maybe changed a diaper or two. Just wait, it’s going to get weirder and more intense as they hit actual teen years. My niece is 21 and it’s still weird that we can drink together but every once in awhile I entertain the idea of buying her a toy because dammit, if she’s getting older so am I. Yikes!

Mini Locker/Safe: Boy or girl, at this age they are starting to enjoy having their own space, their own little life details, and even their own secrets and stash of money. Get them this adorable and super locked down mini locker. By giving them something like this they are being gifted the ability to be trusted and you’re actually planting a seed of integrity. I’m not kidding either! Being in charge of themselves gives kids a self-esteem boost that will really help guide their integrity as they get older and figure out a moral compass.

Lock and Key Diary: This one might be a hit or miss depending on the kid and parents. I’m all about respective parenting so I see myself encouraging the boys to have another outlet for big emotions. Writing is a great way to help process and deal with all the things kids have to deal with these days. Also, I might need some light reading between Target trips. Kidding…or am I?

Gift Ideas 10-12

Novelty Socks: A lot has changed since the years that you received socks and underwear in your stocking. For one, socks can be really cool these days and two, they’re so cheap you can buy yourself a cool pair too! Hah. These paper airplane socks are pretty cool. Get them a couple but make sure you pick stuff that’s trendy. Don’t pick socks with little monsters for a kid that is continuously trying to prove how cool he/she is. Go with basics like flying pizzas, socks that look like a shark is biting your foot off, socks with the solar system, or even some pretty awesome girl power socks for your feminist in training! Cinematic Light Box: These light boxes make a perfect gift for the tween in your life. They are gender neutral, give them the opportunity to be creative in their own space, and you’re giving them something they can personalize! Perfect and pretty affordable at about $20! I’m not gonna lie, I kind of want one.

Gift Guide 12-18

So let’s go ahead and just get real for the 12-18 year old group. You aren’t going to give them the perfect gift. You won’t even come close unless you can cough up a few hundred on the latest electronics or smart phone then this category is rough. The other easy out is if you know that the young person in your life is a reader. Then offer them some of your favorite books from your childhood but this is also a rarity so don’t even count on this as a legit gift idea. Instead, go with the one gift that will never fail a teen. An amazon gift card. Gift cards scream teenager and one from amazon is nearly perfect.

Save yourself a lot of grief and stress and just get the gift card already!


I hope this guide was super helpful and of course it contains amazon affiliate links so if you must know I might actually make $3 off of this post! Thank you for my coffee. (We know know that’s where this cash will be going -let’s be real)

Happy holidays my friends!




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