Laurie Berkner – Superhero (A Super Cute Review)

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to a Laurie Berkner Band song, you’re missing out. I’m not kidding. We love her music so much that we’ve sung “Moon, Moon, Moon” to Jack for as long as he’s existed.

I found out that her new CD was coming out in late September and I knew that we had to listen to it. I’m going to be completely super duper honest and say that we only heard 4 songs. NOT FOR THE REASON YOU THINK! Toddlers love things in excess so the first time I popped the CD into my car Jack eased into the first song, “Superhero.

As soon as it was over a tiny voice in the back seat said, “Mom let’s listen to it one more time.” So we did. Then once again, “Mom, just one more time.”  So we listened to it, and listened to it, and listened to it. Laurie’s song not only elicits a type of musical passion that I’m convinced only my kid has, but she also creates what I like to call, “An Invitation to Play.”

The invitation also applies to parents! 😉

We listened to the song on repeat at home and Jack wore his superhero costume and got down with his guitar, and yes that’s a potato chip pick. What can I say? Laurie Berkner accelerated Jack’s passion for music even more.

We did finally make it further than “Superhero” but not by much. He also fell in love with Bicycle, My My Marisol(which features Ziggy Marley), and Elephant in There. We’ve listened to these songs so many times that both Jack and I know all the words and they’re great to listen to in the car, even if you’re a parent. They’re actually great to listen to anywhere! ‘Elephant in There’ encourages kids to move and to be silly and creative. Bicycle does the same thing.dsc03291-2

Listening to these songs not only encouraged play on multiple developmental levels it also made me think that I could make a lesson from all the fun we were having by having Jack work on his own superhero mask!

I was in luck because a kit for such a fun activity exists and it took a quick Amazon order to get it here in two days! (Gotta love Prime – Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)14567403_10154211045253369_6759333990761048826_o

I purchased “Design Your Own Superhero Mask” by Seedling for $20. There were more affordable options but I wanted something that would last and that Jack could work on easily. Despite the recommended age being 3 and up I figured I’d help Jack tackle it and as it turns out I didn’t even have to!

The package comes with glue, a mask with ribbons to tie on, 3 glitter pens, several felt pieces of varying shapes and sizes and some extra felt. I can only assume the extra is in case you want to make another mask or maybe cut out more pieces. 14481851_10154211049403369_616693930778252816_o

This is a fantastic toy! Jack loved it and I loved watching him make it. The only thing that I recommend, and it’s something that’s more for the parents, is that you use hot glue after they adhere it with the craft glue. I let Jack play with it after about 3 hours and little by little the pieces were falling off. I knew going into it that it was likely they’d fall off but not because the product is cheap. The felt pieces are really sturdy and the mask is soft and comfortable. Since Jack was particular about the pieces being just right I decided to hot glue them on. Now he’s got a permanent mask that he made himself and he’s very proud of it! 14524947_10154211049998369_1868932458725295152_o

This would make a fantastic Halloween costume so if you want to encourage your little one to make their own costume I recommend this one or the various other options on the their website. 🙂




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