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The Flavor Window

Fun fact, did you know taste buds are developed?! From 4 months to 2 years old each bite you feed your little one shapes their taste buds.  That’s why feeding them a variety of flavors, including bitter greens is so important. (And don’t worry, they will probably not love it the first time, but don’t give up! It takes at least 7 times for most kids to decide they will keep eating something.)


Real, Healthy, Local

If there is one thing parents can agree on it’s probably that we all we wish we had more time for ourselves. I’m sure almost everyone out there also wants what is best for their kids. Well, when it comes to food, Rooted Baby has you covered delivering real, healthy food to your door for your little one. Rooted Baby is a local Austin company making low-sugar plant based purees, pouches and even quinoa bowls. Sourcing local ingredients as much as possible, each meal is hand crafted in small batches in a commercial kitchen.  This allows for attention to detail and fun combinations to keep your little one excited about each meal.

Their goal is to find fun new ways to get your little one to eat their veggies. That’s why parent’s who are feeding their kids solids love the purees and pouches. They can mix them in with yogurt, quinoa, oatmeal, rice or even spread some of them on toast for a healthy, tasty treat. Both parent’s and older kids can enjoy them as a snack and the pouches are great for school lunches.

I Need Rooted Baby

Rooted Baby’s online store offers one-time purchases as well as weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. If you have the food on auto delivery you get an email the week before the delivery with fun seasonal selections to choose from.  You can also find them at the Mueller Farmers’ Market on Sunday and at the Lakeline Market starting in January. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram (@rooted_baby) to see what cool new combos are coming your way. To learn more visit

This holiday season give the gift of healthy and nutritious piece of mind! Rooted baby now has gift cards available!



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