What A New Mom Really Needs

After I got back from the hospital with Galen sh*t got real. I haven’t gone over my birth story yet but long story short, 3 days of induction, pitocin TWICE, no epidural (cause I’m terrified of needles in my spine to the point that I rather deal with the searing, splitting contractions that accompany a pitocin induced birth), then pushing and dealing with several tiny lacerations – but hey, I didn’t even tear so yay!

Coming home was surreal and those first few days adjusting to our family of four were intense but lovely. Jack and The Dad were amazing and I felt so much love and support from them.

With new babies comes a lot of time to sit, nurse, and think. I found myself thinking about the things that really helped our family adjust and stay connected and I felt that these things needed to be shared, particularly because my sister in law was having her own little one and I wanted to help her as much as possible. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t come up with any ideas on what to get a new mom, let me help you!

1) Easy Nursing/Bottle Feeding Mommy Kit

  1. A light and easy to reach basket
  2. A portable cell phone charger
  3. Tons of lactation/energy promoting snacks
  4. A notebook and pen to document feedings or just to write out feelings
  5. A couple of magazines or a book
  6. A large water bottle
  7. Nipple Cream
  8. Hair ties
  9. Breastfeeding How To (Yes, that’s my nipple and baby Galen in this awesome Quickstart Breastfeeding How To on The Birth Hour’s website!)

2) Welcome Home Kit

  1. A large package of paper plates
  2. A large box of cutlery
  3. A roll of paper towels
  4. A package of size one diapers
  5. A package of wipes
  6. A pack of face wipes
  7. A pack of deodorant wipes
  8. Dry shampoo

3) Instacart/Favor/Amazon Now Delivery (healthy, easy, and milk producing)

  1. Sushi (Whole Foods has some great options)
  2. Hummus
  3. Cut and ready to eat veggies
  4. Yogurt
  5. Bottled water
  6. Nuts
  7. Instant Oatmeal

4) Instacart giftcard

My friend Corley did this for us after we had to go back to the hospital because of insanely high bilirubin levels for Galen and I was just in tears (probably from hormones) because it was one less thing I had to worry about. The giftcard was in our email and all I had to do was load up our cart and it was delivered. A giftcard to any grocery store is a great idea. You don’t realize how much you end up eating out or picking up last minute quick meals.

5) Cleaning Service

Last week I ended up working with Swept Cleaning and it was such a wonderful experience! I was overwhelmed, our home was in shambles and being able to reset was amazing. A few things about Swept that I really loved and some info:


  • From the City and For the City: They’re a local Austin company and the owner has lived in Austin their entire life!
  • They’re Trusted:  They have 5 stars on Yelp (including my review): yelp.com/biz/swept-austin
  • 200% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you aren’t satisfied enough to recommend their cleaning service to a friend they’ll come back and do the cleaning over. If you’re still not happy with how clean your home is, they will give you a full refund, no questions asked. That’s how confident they are you’ll love their home cleaning service!
  • Full Service:  They bring all their own supplies which was awesome and my house smelled great!
  • Safe: They are fully licensed and insured (most cleaning companies are not). All of their cleaners are also background checked.
  • Consistent and Reliable:  The cleaning team selected for you will be the same people each time so they can get to know your home and you can get to know them
  • Easy and Fast:  They have a state-of-the-art website that will help keep you informed about your upcoming appointments and it really was so easy to book a cleaning!! 

I really really liked working with them and I highly recommend gifting this type of service to a new mom. They currently have a contest for a free home cleaning and everyone should enter!

6) A Special Touch

I highly recommend a little touch for the new baby that will surely make momma melt. Little Goodall is a great online clothing shop for littles and I really really love it. Not only because the clothes is painfully adorable but because it’s locally owned by a super mama!! The bonnets from her shop are a perfect added touch to any of the kits listed above.

7) Something for the Big Kids

Having something to entertain the older siblings is so important and something that guests often forget about. Those poor big kids are usually forgotten when it comes to visits from friends and families – their main concern is baby and then momma comes second. We’re huge fans of toys that can hold Jack’s imagination for a long period of time and toys like those from brands like Seedling. are a great toy to distract older siblings while momma nurses or goes to the bathroom.


In the end it’s the little things that we forget about and those are usually the most important. Helping a new mom set herself up for success can be the difference between baby blues and full blown post partum depression. Below is a video I did with Alexis from Birth 360 and Naya from Lactivist in Louboutin. This video discusses everything from nursing practices, myths, and resources to how to prepare for perinatal depression. Check it out!



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